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Take advantage or modern cloud solutions with minimal disruption to your operations. Data Defined is here to identify opportunities and the best options for improving your business processes

Cloud Managed Solutions

Data Defined will manage the technology - You stay focused on your business

Cloud Applications

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Cloud Security

Hosted Infrastructure

Cost Management

Monitoring and Logging

Benefits of our Team

The Cloud Journey

With Data Defined, your path to the cloud has never been easier. Your technology is hosted and managed by our team of experts, so you can eliminate the cost of investing in new infrastructure, licensing new software, and training new employees. Now you can save money and focus on your business. No matter the shape or size of your business, we offer a solution that will work for you through our Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds solutions.

Cloud Technologies

  • AWS

  • Azure

  • Microsoft 365

  • UCaaS

  • Cloudberry

Private Cloud

Private Cloud blends industry-leading technology with premier managed service expertise. This combination delivers infrastructure to power the most complex applications and achieve rigorous compliance requirements, including HIPAA, PCI, and SSAE-16.

Data Defined’s expert technicians work closely with your business to develop a Private Cloud solution to address your current requirements and is built to scale into your longer term IT management strategy to ensure maximum flexibility, agility, security, and faster time to market.

Hybrid Cloud

For a growing number of organizations, the right solution is a hybrid of Public Cloud, Private Cloud or on-premise technologies. With Hybrid Clouds, sensitive data and highly proprietary information is protected in your Private Cloud while web and application servers leverage the flexibility and scalability of our Public Cloud.

Cloud Services

  • Cloud assessments

  • Cloud hosting

  • Cloud migration roadmaps

  • Cloud system design - hybrid, public, private

  • Cloud backup and disaster recovery

  • Secure file sharing

  • Encrypted email

Public Cloud

Public cloud can meet the next-generation needs of your organization. The public cloud offering provides advanced capabilities including serverless computing, containerization, content distribution networks (CDN) and more. With our deep managed hosting expertise, we can better map your company’s resources directly to usage, while ensuring that performance and uptime goals are exceeded.

Recovery as a Service

Backing up and recovering your business-critical data continues to be one of the most important steps in successfully managing an IT organization. Facing increased security threats and the associated costs of managing your backup using legacy technologies, protecting your data have never been more challenging. Layer on compliance obligations, availability requirements, and the importance of maintaining interoperability between platforms, and backups can quickly become an IT point of failure.

Data Defined provides complete cloud-enabled backup and recovery services including off-site copies of your data to ensure business continuity in case of disasters. We can assist with developing your Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) plans and regularly test and validate those plans. We provide cloud-based, highly secure and redundant server hosting.

Is your organization prepared for the cloud?

Organizations are turning to the cloud for essential aspects of their business rather than relying on locally installed software and servers. With Logically, we’ll work with you to create a cloud migration roadmap to help your organization embrace the cloud.

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